Your Guide to a More Holistic Cannabis Experience in 2019

January 1, 2019

It’s 2019 – time to turn off autopilot and approach cannabis with more intention. Using marijuana is a great way to unwind, but it also offers some significant benefits for the mind, body and spirit. Here’s exactly how to incorporate marijuana in your daily routine for a more thoughtful and holistic cannabis experience.


Start your day with CBD.

Did you know your body has an endocannabinoid system? This network of receptors is responsible for maintaining homeostasis AKA regulating things like pain, sleep, immune function, and so on. So, just like taking vitamins in the morning, including a CBD supplement in your daily routine may be a good way to keep it all in balance.


Use cannabis in your self-care routine.

Replace one thing in your life with cannabis and notice the difference it makes for your mind, body, and spirit. For example, instead of an evening cocktail, use your vape pen. When your shoulders ache, try a topical rather than an Advil. A hot bath with Epsom salt can work magic for sore muscles. Add cannabis to that and you have yourself a new level of relaxation therapy. Trouble falling sleep? Choose a calming edible before bed and forgo OTC sleep aids.


Apply cannabis creams for optimal post-workout recovery.

Cannabis topicals can reduce inflammation and help relieve sore muscles. So, next time your work out, try applying a cannabis-infused cream when you’re done. In addition to eating the rights foods, staying hydrated, and stretching, cannabis creams can make a big improvement in post-workout recovery.


Add a little CBD to your skincare regimen.

here are more ways than ever to incorporate cannabis into your daily beauty routine. Today, it’s easy to find a variety of body care items made with cannabis or hemp that offer benefits unique to CBD and other cannabinoids. Some popular products are teas, tinctures, tablets, and transdermal patches.


If you need to relax, try cannabis instead.

Forgo the alcohol in favor of your favorite Indica. You won’t be stuck with a hangover and it’s a safer form of recreation. Or, you can try a cannabis-infused cocktail like Grain Wave from Keef.


There you have it, five great ways to incorporate cannabis in your daily routine for a more holistic cannabis experience this year.

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