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Valentine’s Denver Cannabis Deals

February 1, 2023

Updated on February 1, 2023.

Take a ride through the tunnel of love with NEW Valentine’s Denver cannabis deals perfect for the most romantic holiday of the year. Stop by this month for February cannabis specials and great discounts on your favorite products. Plus, take 15% off storewide on February 11. Read more about this Valentine’s Day sale below.  

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Valentine’s Day Sale February 11, 2023 – 15% OFF STOREWIDE  

This February 11, take 15% off your entire purchase – flower, edibles, concentrates, accessories, and more. Last year, we highlighted our favorite Denver Valentine’s cannabis gifts. Treats from Canyon, Ripple, 1906, and Wanna (plus more) all made the list. This year, try something new or stick with what you know. Oasis is Denver’s one-stop-shop for all your cannabis needs in 2023. 


February Denver Cannabis Deals – Oasis Partner Specials  

In addition to our Valentine’s Day Sale, save with Oasis partner specials all month long.  


All Month 

  • 20% off In The Flow Flower (including pre-packed ounces) 
  • 30% off all Wyld Products (does NOT include Good Tide Products) 
  • 30% off all Nomad and CSC concentrates (no Fuehl or Dosd Products) 
  • 25% off all Pax Live Rosin Pods (live rosin pods only!) 


February 5 through 10 

  • 20% off all Natty and Haze Flower Products (no concentrate products) 
  • 40% off all 1906 New Highs Products 
  • 25% off all Bud & Mary’s (Batch) Products 


February 12 through 18 

  • 20% off all Antero Sciences flower 
  • 50% off all Spherex Pax pods and 1g Cartridges 
  • 50% off all Dixie Products and Mary’s Medicinals Products 
  • 25% off all Single Source Products (concentrates only) 


February 19 through 25 

  • 20% off all Cherry Flower 
  • 25% off all Mirage Products 
  • 30% off all Sano Products 


February 26 through March 4 

  • 20% off all Leiffa Flower 
  • 25% off all Dos’d Products (no CSC, Nomad or Fuehl products) 
  • 20% off all Viola Products 



Denver Valentine’s Day Cannabis Products  

Try these lovey-dovey cannabis products this Valentine’s Day  



Nothing says Valentine’s Day like chocolate. Try Love’s Oven cannabis-infused (100mg) chocolate chip cookies with a strong and delicious chocolate flavor. Love’s Oven products are produced with the highest quality, locally sourced, all-natural and organic ingredients. Perfect for your Valentine. 


1906 LOVE DROPS 1:1 CBD 75:75MG  

Drops for Arousal. An exquisite blend of five herbal aphrodisiacs and cannabis to boost arousal. Each Love Drop contains 2.5mg THC and 2.5mg CBD. Fast-acting swallowable pills. Gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free. 



Robhots multipacks are infused with raw THC distillate for a consistent and great-tasting experience. Dosage is 100mg total per pack, with each pack containing ten 10mg pieces and three red flavors: cherry, grape, and strawberry.  


Coda – Fruit Note Gummies – Pomegranate & Hibiscus 1:1 CBN 100:100mg 

Sweet ruby notes of pomegranate with a dusting of tart floral hibiscus-infused sugar. Pomegranate antioxidants mix with a unique 1:1 CBN to THC combination for a restful and rejuvenating experience. 



These gummies are made with real fruit, a hybrid terpene blend, and enhanced with cannabis-derived CBD oil. Perfect for relaxing your body while keeping your mind sharp and alert. Decompress or take the edge off.  


Happy Valentine’s Day! In addition to the best cannabis edibles, concentrates, topicals, and flower, Oasis houses the largest collection of custom glass and smoking accessories in Denver. No other dispensary offers the selection we do.  

Visit either superstore location for the best Denver Cannabis Valentine products, plus awesome February cannabis deals and specials. 

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