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Top 5 Halloween Cannabis Strains in Denver

October 15, 2019

Celebrate the most spirited time of year with the top 5 Halloween cannabis strains in Denver – at Oasis!

Halloween is just around the corner and with it comes fun parties, candy, and lots of time spent with friends. But waning evenings and busy weekends, an exhaustive daylight-saving switch-up, and the stress of pre-holiday planning can make October a tiring month. Thankfully, at Oasis, we’ve got plenty of cannabis products to keep you going.

This Halloween, we’re offering an amazing special perfect for anyone looking to stock up on products from the best providers in Colorado. That’s right, this October 31, take 15% off the entire store! Look for items from providers like:

  • Sweet Grass Kitchen
  • Ripple
  • Veritas
  • Canyon
  • Keef Cola
  • Become Elevated
  • Escape Artists
  • And more…


Favorite Fall Cannabis Strains

Grease Monkey by Prohibition Herb

This strain is great for being active, but it won’t leave you over-stimulated. It offers a pleasing combination of crisp clean flavors and an immediate cerebral high, followed by a calm body high. Perfect for daytime use and those looking to relieve stress and anxiety without being slowed down.


Casey Jones by Prohibition Herb

A former cannabis cup winner, Casey Jones is a wonderful upbeat Sativa strain. It boasts impressive genetics of East Coast Sour Diesel x Oriental Express. From Casey Jones, you can expect a soaring head high, along with a stimulating body high, that will definitely get you off the couch and moving around. Pungent crisp lemon smell and clean sweet taste.


Sour OG by OG Medicinals

Sour OG provides a productive rush that won’t leave you drained. At 26%, this bud is one of the strongest Sativas available. Enjoy an amazing, balanced, high within a matter of minutes. Some users call it “The Door to Narnia”. Sour citrus flavor, trichome covered bud.


Chemmy Jones by In The Flow

Chemmy Jones is a popular Sativa-dominant hybrid. It offers an uplifting and functional buzz that enhances creative outbursts. Enjoy its earthy flavor, counterbalanced with tropical notes. Chemmy Jones is In The Flow’s signature strain for its high quality, consistency, and popularity. Ripe with Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene it’s great for mood uplift, stimulation, energy, and pain relief.


Mob Boss by In The Flow

This Indica-dominant hybrid is intensely resinous and sweet, with green pepper, skunk, and citrus aromas. Relaxing, yet not sedating, it can be helpful for muscle pain or tension. Jammed with Myrcene, a-Pinene, and Limonene it’s great for relaxation, pain relief, and mood uplift.


There you have it – the top 5 Halloween cannabis strains in Denver. Oasis Cannabis Superstore houses the best selection of recreational and medical marijuana products in Denver. We stock flower from over 200 unique marijuana strains, plus 180 different pre-rolled joints. We also carry a large selection of smoking accessories and custom glass. We partner with the best local craft and premium craft growers. That means our marijuana products are always pure and fresh. This Halloween, we’ve truly got something for everybody.

Shop at one of two superstores in Denver. Our Denver South Superstore at Evans and Monaco stocks both recreational and medical cannabis products, while our Denver Northwest Superstore at Sheridan and 44th sells recreational products only. Cannabis Questions? Our budtenders are always happy to help.

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