To Smoke or to Eat? That is the Question

March 15, 2016

To Smoke or to Eat? That is the Question

We have so many choices when it comes to marijuana. But this can make getting high more complex and confusing.  Smoke? Vape? Eat? What is the best way to consume marijuana?

Here’s the thing – because of all of the options available, marijuana has become such a personalized experience. Meaning there is no right or wrong answer. Whichever method you prefer, may be completely different from how your friends enjoy marijuana. Here are some of the differences between smoking weed and consuming via an edible.

THC is Absorbed Differently

When smoking marijuana, THC is delivered directly to the blood stream for quicker effect. Marijuana-infused edibles take a bit longer for noticeable effects because the THC is processed in the liver first during digestion before it is converted to THC. This processing can give you a greater effect but takes longer to realize. When smoking marijuana, the stomach is bypassed and THC travels directly to the brain. So when you are aiming to get high, ask yourself what your end goal is. Do you want a quick, fact-acting high or perhaps a stronger high that takes longer to notice?

Delivery of Cannabinoids

While edibles may pack a bigger, longer-lasting punch, there are fewer cannabinoids delivered to the body when consuming edibles verses inhalation. When marijuana is inhaled, your body will receive 50 to 60 percent of THC and other cannabinoids. When ingesting marijuana from an edible, the THC and other cannabinoid rate is much less – more like 10 to 20 percent. Inhaled cannabis effects tend to peak in about 10 minutes while edible-consumed cannabis is much longer.

Edibles can be a Healthy Alternative to Smoking Marijuana

Let’s face it, smoking can have harmful long-term effects. Introducing a burning chemical into your lungs probably isn’t the healthiest approach, even if it does make you feel good. Smoking marijuana can be harsh on your lungs and throat and probably isn’t the doctor recommended method for consuming. And pot edibles don’t always have to brownies. You can make your own cannabutter or enjoy cannabis infused granola. Edible infusion also offers tons of options so if you are more health-minded, that’s no problem.

Edibles can be More Difficult to Dose

Edibles can be tricky because of the delayed reaction. 30 minutes into your session, you may not feel a thing. You may consider eating more  because the first dose was a dud. When it does finally kick in, you are more likely to have a sudden and extreme onset. This may not be such a big deal when your are super high from smoking, because the high can dissipate pretty quickly. But highs from edible consumption can last a couple of hours. This may be a problem unless you have nothing to do for the next several hours. The trick with edibles is to remember to be patient.

So the question remains: to smoke or to eat? Which is best for you?

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