Benefits of Cannabis: A Holistic Approach

May 15, 2018

By now, most are aware of at least some of the health benefits of cannabis. Cannabis can be effective in the treatment of an array of medical and health issues such as anxiety, depression, cancer symptoms and epilepsy. But did you know that regular marijuana use can lead to a deeper sense of happiness and greater productivity? It’s true! Take a look at some of the most commonly reported benefits of cannabis use.

Cannabis can make you happier

A 2017 study conducted by BDS Analytics, a leader in cannabis business intelligence, suggests that consuming cannabis on a regular basis can significantly boost happiness and overall sense of wellbeing. The study followed 2,000 participants, ages 21 and older, from Colorado and California. 1,200 of the participants were labeled as Consumer and had consumed marijuana in the past six months. In Colorado, the study found that 5 out of 10 of these consumers felt more satisfaction with their own lives today than they did just one year ago.

Read more details about the BDS Analytics study.

Cannabis users are higher earners.

The same study showed that, generally, cannabis consumers are more accomplished both personally and professionally. In Colorado, 64 percent of consumers were employed full-time compared to 51 percent of Acceptors (those who did not use but would consider using marijuana) and 54 percent of Rejectors (those who would not consider using marijuana). In California, the average annual household income for Consumers was $93,800 compared to $72,800 for Acceptors and $75,900 for Rejectors. That is quite a difference!

Marijuana is good for pain and other health issues – especially headaches and insomnia.

One study conducted here in Colorado found that migraine sufferers reported a reduced number of migraines. That’s a big deal for those who have already tried everything under the sun to alleviate their pain.

Moreover, as many as 60 million Americans struggle to fall asleep at night. Cannabis can help! it’s thought that marijuana can help your body restore its natural sleep cycle. Pharmaceuticals like Ambien and Lunesta don’t do that. Most recommend bud from an indica plant because of its sedating properties. Although testing has yet to explain why indicas seem to work better as sleep aids, some believe it has to do with terpene content – that is, the aromatic compounds that contribute to each strain’s special effect fingerprint.

Cannabis can improve your mind/body connection

Cannabis is known to help improve holistic health by fostering a better mind-body connection. For some, consuming cannabis can result in a spiritual experience similar to one fostered by meditation or yoga. Cultivating awareness and a higher level of consciousness can be beneficial for all areas of your life. Other health benefits of cannabis include lower stress levels, improved your blood pressure and heightened awareness. Ultimately, consuming marijuana – even once in a while – can lead to healthier life all around.

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