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The Greatest Strains to Enjoy This 4th of July

June 15, 2019

You can’t celebrate 4th of July without a few bursts of sparkly fireworks. What makes great fireworks even better? The perfect strain to help take it all in. Not sure which one to pick? Well, sit back and relax. As always, we’ve got some ideas for you. Here are the best cannabis strains to enjoy this 4th of July.


White Widow

This classic brings you to a state of pure happiness before settling in as a peaceful and inspiring calm. While the Indica in White Widow is evident almost immediately thanks to some very calming and relaxing notes, the Sativa genetics fire up the mind with creative force. It’s a great strain for feelings of deep inner-mindedness and peace.



This stain’s name may give it away, but LSD delivers imaginative and characteristic effects close to the real deal. Some fans say it offers the most present high they have ever experienced and that everything seems to glow with positivity. Sign us up!


Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train is a fast-acting and citrusy sweet stain that will keep you in a stony, colorful, bliss all night long. Many refer to it as their must-have Sativa because of its energizing properties. Ghost Train Haze is great for those who love to spend time outside enjoying nature because it’s so uplifting. Plus, it smells and tastes great – like fresh lemons and pine.


Green Crack

If you’re looking to stay up all night, try ultra-buzzy Green Crack. The perfect strain for a pick-me-up, Green Crack is an ideal invigorating strain for when the night shifts into party mode. Most praise Green Crack for its potent energizing effects that are more pronounced than nearly all other strains. Plus, the bursts of energy are accompanied by uplifting and euphoric feels that will definitely keep you going all night long.


Mango Haze

Swap out your watermelon slices for a bunch of mangos with delicious tropical Mango Haze. Let your mind escape with this uplifting strain. This is a favorite strain because it’s wonderfully psychedelic. You’ll notice an intense head rush right away. With Mango Haze, it’s very easy to focus and colors are vivid. It heightens all your senses.



If you’re looking to go out with bang, try Kryptonite. This strain is tailored to enhance relaxing, cerebral, activities like watching fireworks and is a go-to for drifting off to dreamland after a sparkly, vibrant event. Kryptonite provides a full body buzz that comes in waves. It will help you relaxed but also get motivated, focused, and energized. This is one of the few Indicas that fuels creative ideas and motivates you to carry them out.

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