Study Suggests Pot Smokers Are The Happiest People

June 15, 2017

A new study just released confirms what we have always known: pot smokers are happy people. While of course this may not be news to anyone who already enjoys the marijuana lifestyle, we are happy to see these facts percolating all around us.

Wait. What? There’s a study that shows marijuana users are not just a bunch of stoners wasting the day lounging on the couch eating Cheetos? (Not that that is a bad thing!) But it turns out that there is so much more to MJ users than some would have thought.

Conducted by BDS Analytics, a leader in cannabis business intelligence, the study suggests “cannabis consumers are happy campers”. In fact, their published study results is even named “Cannabis Consumers Are Happy Campers”. Here is what they found:

The first study of its kind (ever!), BDS Analytics conducted the ongoing study with 2,000 participants, ages 21 and older, from Colorado and California. 1,200 of the participants were marijuana consumers in the past six months. They broke it down like this:

Consumers: Participants who had consumed marijuana within the past six months in one way, shape, or form.

Acceptors: Participants who were open to consuming marijuana at some point in the future.

Rejectors: Participants who would not consider consuming marijuana at all in the future.

The recurring theme that the study found was “the overall healthy well-being of cannabis Consumers (people who consume cannabis), when compared to Acceptors (people who do not consume cannabis but might consider it) and Rejectors (people who do not consume cannabis and would not consider it).” Overall wellness to Consumers seems to be more important and more prevalent for this group.

Some of the other findings:

Cannabis Consumers tend to be more accomplished both personally and professionally. In Colorado participants, 64 percent of Consumers enjoyed full time employment compared to 51 percent of Acceptors and 54 percent of Rejectors. In California, the average annual household income for Consumers was $93,800 compared to $72,800 for Acceptors and $75,900 for Rejectors. That is quite a difference!

20 percent of California Consumers also earned a master’s degree while just 13 percent of Acceptors and 12 percent of Rejectors did.

Consumers in both states stated they enjoy the great outdoors at a higher rate as well. 50 percent of Colorado Consumers love outdoor recreation compared to 36 percent of Colorado Rejectors. 57 percent of California Consumers enjoy outdoor rec while just 26 percent of Rejectors do.

The study also concluded that cannabis Consumers are more active socially as well as creatively. 36 percent of the Colorado Consumers think of themselves as very social people while 21 percent of Acceptors and 28 percent of Rejectors did. Also in Colorado, Consumers were more likely to consider themselves creative. They were also more likely to enjoy the fine arts offered in Colorado.

And finally in Colorado, 5 out of 10 Consumers felt more satisfaction with their own lives today than they did just one year ago.

So bye-bye stoner stereotype and hello happiness! Get more of the story here.

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