October Denver Cannabis Deals

October 1, 2022

It’s the first of the month and you know what that means? A new selection of Oasis Cannabis specials for all to enjoy. This month, you’ll find excellent deals on products by Mirage, Fuehl, Harmony, and many more. Plus, get ready for a very special spooky celebration on October 28 where we’ll offer 15% off your ENTIRE purchase, storewide!  


Shop Oasis Cannabis Superstore online and pick-up in-store. 


Oasis Cannabis Halloween Sale: October 28, 2023 

Oasis Halloween Sale. Take 15% off storewide. Our storewide sales are an excellent opportunity to save on cannabis products you love or try something new. In addition to this Halloween special, we’re running daily, weekly, and monthly promos all October.  


Try Mirage Gummies 

We’re so excited to announce the launch of NEW Mirage fruit gummies. New Mirage gummies are handcrafted in small batches for exceptional taste and quality. With over a decade of experience in the Colorado Cannabis industry, the team at Mirage brings you a reliable, consistent, and ‘true to its type’ gummy perfect for any occasion. 


October Month-long Denver Cannabis Deals 

  • 40% off all Mirage Products  
  • 20% off all In The Flow Flower (prepacks included) 
  • 25% off all Harmony Extracts and 1856 Products (now includes all products) 
  • 25% off of all Seed and Smith Cartridges and Dart (no dabs or joints. carts only) 
  • Buy 2 Airo Pro Pods, receive a pink hat, shirt or carrying case (limit one per day. while supplies last)  
  • 30% off all Fuehl Products 


October Weekly Denver Cannabis Deals 

October 1 through October 7 

  • 20% off all Antero Sciences Flower 
  • 33% off all Cheeba Chews Products 
  • 25% off of all Sano Gardens Dabbable Grams (dabs only. no other products) 
  • 25% off all Soiku Bano 500mg Rosin Cartridges. (rosin carts only) 
  • 30% off all Eureka Disposables and Plug Play Products (no other Eureka products included)  


October 8 through October 14 

  • 20% off all Natty Rems Flower and Joint Products (including infused joints) 
  • 25% off all Wana Products 
  • 25% off all Leiffa Concentrate Products (grams and vapes included. no jetty. no rosin rolls or flower)  
  • 25% off on all Green Dot Cartridges (no dabs or flower) (Silver Label and Blue Label Included) 


October 15 through October 21 

  • 20% off all Cherry Flower (no joints included) 
  • 25% off all Sweet Mary Jane’s Products 
  • 30% off all Nomad / CSC 
  • 25% off all Pax 1g Rosin Pods 
  • 20% off all Sano Gardens 500mg Rosin Disposables (rosin disposables only) 


October 22 through October 28 

  • 20% off all Bloom County Flower Products (joints included) 
  • 25% off all Fresh Joints Products 
  • 40% off all 1906 Products 
  • 25% off all Single Source Concentrates (concentrates only) 
  • 35% off of all Spherex Products (excluding X-vapes) (rosin, 1g, pax all included) 


October 29 through November 4 

  • 25% off all Seed and Smith Flower (bulk flower only. no other products) 
  • 50% off all Good Tide Products (Does not include any Wyld products) 
  • 25% off all Dabbable Seed and Smith Products (dabs only. No carts or joints) 
  • 20% off all Airo Pro Products 
  • 25% off all Jetty Extracts 1g Cartridges (Jetty products only!) 


Shop Oasis Cannabis Superstore, in-person or online, for the best selection of medical and recreational marijuana in Denver. Flower, edibles, concentrates, and topicals, we’ve got it all plus A TON of glass and shatter. Our friendly staff is always happy to help or make recommendations. Visit one of two Denver locations, Denver South or Denver North. 

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