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Oasis: Doing Business with the Best Cannabis Growers in Colorado

July 15, 2018

Quality Is Key

Colorado is home to some of the best cannabis growers in the country. These green-thumbed-craftsmen meticulously cultivate harvest after harvest of superior marijuana. But growing great bud is no easy task. It takes hard work, discipline and a good understanding of botany, to say the least.

At Oasis, we grow many of our own strains but we also partner with many Colorado craft cannabis growers to ensure a diverse and varied product range. Quality is key so we only work with the best. Here’s little about just some of the providers we partner with.

Sundance Gardens

Sundance Gardens believes pampered plants make for a better, more potent product. They grow over 30 strains of high-quality, high-potency, marijuana and each strain is unique in flavor and finish. All Sundance Garden strains are potency test validated. They grow out of a new, state of the art warehouse, and the operation is actually a model for one of the first publicly traded companies in the industry. Try 50% saitiva 50% indica Kong. Kong packs a punch, leaving your body relaxed and your mind open.

Fat Face Farm

Fat Face Farms is a recreational cannabis grower in Denver that has been family owned since 2014. The have one mission: to make every effort to grow the highest quality products to share with all their customers. Fat Face is all about offering the best quality cannabis. Their extensive strain varieties are always a hit, ranging from many classics to the most atypical. Try sativas Day Glow or Golden Goat.


Veritas cannabis growers started growing cannabis when medical marijuana was first legalized in 2009 so they have a ton of experience with the best methods for growing great marijuana. They offer 29 strains of gourmet cannabis in addition to several seasonal varieties. Every strain is labeled according to its look, smell, taste and effect. They’re also labeled with THC/CBD content and other cannabinoids that are verified by independent testing. Try Indica hybrid 303 OG or sativa-dominant Strawberry Cough. Veritas is a top shelf product. You can’t go wrong.

Fresh Baked

Fresh Baked offers premier recreational marijuana straight from heart of Boulder. They provide the best quality products including a plethora of unique flower strains, edibles, topicals and concentrates. Try hybrid Alien Rock Candy, a strain that smells and tastes like fruity/citrus sour candy. It’s a hybrid that induces a powerful mind/body sedation usually leading to sleep.


Mayflower believes that high-quality growing requires a tightly controlled environment, and when it comes to pulling the best characteristics from each of their strains, they have a recipe for success. Plus, after each harvest, their cultivation team reviews the crop’s batch records to determine what – if any – tweaks should be made. It that commitment that brings you some of the best herb around. Try sweet and fruit hybrid sativa-dominant Cinderella 99.

Prohibition Herb

Prohibition Herb is one of Durango’s top retail marijuana providers. They are known for growing especially potent strains. In fact, one of their strains was recently named number 33 on the top 40 list of strongest strains of all time. See the difference their superior genetics makes. You’ll want to try Alien Nightmare boasting a 23.4% THC content. This heavy indica has an earthy hash smell and a minty flavor and features small, dense buds encrusted in trichomes. Alien Nightmare is perfect for those looking to relax and relieve pain in the body. Ever wonder what awesome Western Slope Colorado weed tastes like? Wonder no more!


Oasis Superstore is your one-stop recreational and medical dispensary. Not only do we carry over 200 strains of marijuana – plus edibles, wax, vape pens and shatter – we have a friendly, knowledgeable staff that is always happy to answer your questions. We’ve got everything you need. Visit us today!

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