Nice Day for a Weed Wedding

June 1, 2016

Nice Day for a Weed Wedding

Welcome June! We love June because it marks the start of summer and of course is the start of wedding season. Thanks to the legalization of recreational marijuana in some states, weddings are now being planned a little more differently than in the past. Becoming more mainstream, dream weddings are now including the incorporation of cannabis, creating an entirely new way to think about and celebrate weddings.

Weddings now are sometimes varying from the norm with the rise of marijuana-themed weddings. Marijuana-themed weddings can be anything from bouquets and centerpieces with bits of bud, cannabis smoking areas for guests to enjoy, and even marijuana party favors placed at table settings for your guests’ indulgence. Budtenders are replacing bartenders at some weddings offering guests expert knowledge and guidance throughout the celebration. Weddings are being planned with small hints of marijuana while others are inclusive of full-fledged marijuana themes creating a completely unique experience not just for the happy couple.  

The world’s first Cannabis Wedding Expo has even been created and has taken place in Denver. The expo brings all sorts of cannabis businesses together in one venue focusing on a couple’s special day. The expo, presented by, is one way couples can plan every aspect of their wedding and incorporate marijuana into  as much or as little of their event as they would like. Cannabis wedding planners are even available to help with every little detail of the big event just as a traditional wedding planner would. The expo also provides education to participants about cannabis consumption safety for all who attend your event, and the fun stuff – like pairing your meals with cannabis!

Weddings are such a personal moment in life and now you can make them even more personalized. From the flowers to the venue, Marijuana can be incorporated into every aspect of your wedding. Have you attended a weed wedding? Would you have your own weed wedding?

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