MJ Life Hacks Every Smoker Should Know

February 1, 2017

MJ Life Hacks Every Smoker Should Know

Sometimes smoking weed can mean that you have to get pretty creative. It’s a good thing that marijuana can help spark that creativity. Let’s face it, there are situations where we need to be discreet about smoking pot. Whether we like it or not, the smell of weed on our clothes, or the smoke in the air can be problematic. Here are a few MJ life hacks every smoker should know to keep your pot usage on the down low.

Air freshener for emergencies

While this is a pretty desperate measure, if you absolutely needed to disguise the fact that you reek of that sweet green aroma, you can count on some bathroom air freshener for a quick cover up. Of course people may be looking at your perplexed why you smell like mountain breeze or apple orchard, but you can get creative in your explanation of your choice of scents.

Matches can save the day

If the space you are in stinks and needs a quick cover up, lighting some matches can help. It may take more than a few to help diffuse the marijuana odor, but it can make a difference. You may even have matches in your bathroom already…

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

Did you know that you can use materials you already have laying around to make marijuana accessories? Make a bowl out of aluminum foil if in a tight spot. A plastic bottle can also be helpful for making a bowl too. You can even make a gravity bong with plastic bottles you have laying around as well. Keep this in mind when you find yourself in a pinch.

Make a spoof

To help conceal smoke from a hit, you can make your own spoof. Blow the smoke directly into an empty plastic bottle stuffed with dryer sheets in the mouth piece. Choose your favorite laundry fresh scent dryer sheets to use. Poke holes on the other end of the bottle for the smoke to escape.   

Apple bowls

You know the saying…an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, making an apple bowl is one great way to make sure you are getting that apple a day.

Become a master marijuana smoker by mastering these life hacks. Or, if you want to by past the issue all together, go smoke-free with edibles. Whatever works, right.

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