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July Denver Cannabis Specials at Oasis

June 28, 2021

NEW July 2021 Denver Cannabis Specials

Things are heating up this summer with incredible savings on your favorite cannabis products brought to you by Oasis Cannabis. Enjoy several ways to save this month. With holiday specials, concentrate deals, and new promos from Lucky/Atlus, you’ll be up to your ears in cannabis savings. 

Lucky/Atlus Promotion: June 30 through July 4, 2021

It’s the first-ever Lucky/Atlus promotion! June 30 through July 4. Buy any 100mg edible and receive a designated Lucky/Altus 100mg edible for just $.10 (Raspberry Hybrid Gummies and Lemonade Mints). This deal is good on ANY 100mg edible from either Lucky/Atlus or a competitor.

Take advantage of this promo only or couple with other specials and deals. For example, buy 4 Kanha gummies at 35% off (June 27 through July 2) and receive 4 Lucky/Altus items for $.10. (Promotional gummies count toward your daily total of 800mg of edibles limit).

NEW Oasis Altus Mints Summer Price Cut

New Atlus CBD mints now $10 off. This is an outstanding value given both THC and CBD content. Enjoy discounts on the following: 

  • 1,000mgCBD/100mgTHC Apple Cinnamon mints now just $27/each 
  • 500mgCBD/100mgTHC Blue Raspberry mints now $17/each

Denver Independence Day Sale: 15% Off (July 3, 2021 ONLY)

It’s time to celebrate! Independence Day is here and we’re so excited to bring you a special Denver cannabis promo to commemorate the great ol’ US of A! This year, take 15% off all products store-wide Saturday July 3rd only. Don’t miss this awesome chance to save on your favorite products and accessories. Purchase in-store or pre-order Denver cannabis online.  

Grammed Concentrates Sale: 25% Off (July 10, 2021 ONLY)

On July 10, enjoy 25% off ALL grammed concentrates, including syringes. That means all wax, shatter, budder, rosin, and live resin grams are greenlit for this promo. Enjoy dabable concentrates from the following vendors:

  • Harmony Extracts  
  • 1856 
  • 14’er 
  • Viola 
  • Leiffa 
  • Natty Rems 
  • CRx 
  • HRVST Labs 
  • Dablogic 
  • Rosslyn 
  • Green Dot Labs 
  • Clear Creek Extracts 
  • TR Concentrates 
  • Mountain Select 
  • Boulder Built 
  • Nokhu Labs 
  • Binske 
  • Olio 
  • Nomad (Oasis Blend) 

July Weekly Denver Cannabis Partner Deals 

As always, we’re offering a slew of partner specials this July. Save even more on the providers you love the most all month long. 

June 27 through July 2 

  • 35% off all Kahna Edibles  
  • 25% off all 14’er Flint Products (Flint Products Only!) 

July 4 through July 10 

  • 10% off all 500mg Black Label Cartridges by Green Dot Labs 
  • 30% off all Wyld Products (Including CBN and CBG options)  

July 11 through July 17 

  • 25% off all Wana Products 
  • 10% off all Harmony Extracts Products 

July 18 through July 24 

  • 50% off all Ripple Products 
  • 5% off all Natty Rems Cartridges (includes 1-gram, Live Resin and High Terpene) 

July 25 through July 31 

  • 50% off all Robhots Products 
  • 25% off all Binske Concentrate Products

There you have it. Outstanding July Denver cannabis deals for all to enjoy. Purchase in-store or shop online to take advantage of these outstanding cannabis savings.  


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