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Hybrid Cannabis Strains in Denver

June 15, 2022

All about hybrid cannabis strains in Denver at Oasis Cannabis Superstore. 

Our third post in a series about indica, sativa, and hybrid cannabis strains.  

In our posts about indica and satvia we answered the question, “what is a Marijuana Strain?” 


What is a Marijuana Strain? 

“The term marijuana strain refers to any number of unique varieties of cannabis developed by carful breeding. Each strain has specific characteristics and hallmarks that differentiate it. This means that some strains are better suited for certain activities than others. What’s more, generally marijuana strains fall into three categories: indica, satvia, and hybrid. Indica strains offer relaxing and sedating effects, satvia strains offer energizing effects, and hybrid strains offer a combination of both.”  

In this post, we’ll talk mainly about hybrid cannabis and hybrid products.” 


Order Hybrid Cannabis Online.  


What is Hybrid Cannabis 

Hybrid cannabis strains have the combined characteristics of sativa and indica plants, genetically speaking. Hybrid strains are quite popular and most cannabis today is a type of hybrid, either indica or sativa dominant. This is because ‘genetically pure’ or landrace strains that maintain their native characteristics are hard to come by. 


Who Should Use Hybrid Cannabis Strains 

Hybrid strains are great for all-around use. They can be used for energy, relaxation, or to help with medical conditions depending on individual needs and experience. They are also a good option for first-time users looking to learn about the effects of cannabis. 


What are the best Hybrid Cannabis Products? 

At Oasis, you’ll find a collection of the best hybrid strains in Colorado. Grown by expert cultivators, our hybrid cannabis products provide the best possible user experience. Our favorite indica products are: 


Coda Hybrid Bath Bomb 

Enjoy a unique blend of essential oils and the rich effects of hybrid cannabis in this award-winning bath bomb. Simply drop a single bath bomb into warm water and relax. Winner First Place Topicals and Transdermals in 2018 THC Championship. 


Wyld’s Pomegranate Gummies 

Wyld’s Pomegranate gummies are made with real fruit and a hybrid terpene blend, ensuring a balanced and enjoyable high for both mind and body. These gummies are the perfect companion for any adventure, whether it be a favorite yoga class or tackling a new peak. 


Dixie Hybrid Straight Up Dark Chocolate Bar 

Bold, rich, and decadent, Dixie’s Straight Up Dark Chocolate combines 70% cacao with pure, clean-extracted THC. Enjoy all the health benefits of dark chocolate paired with the benefits of whole-plant hybrid cannabis.  


Mary Jane’s Medicinals Massage Oil 

Nothing says full-body relaxation better than Mary’s cannabis-infused Massage Oil. With a low-level viscosity, this extraordinary oil glides over large areas of the body effortlessly, delivering quick relief to sore muscles and joints. Loaded with vitamin-rich essential oils. 


Cheeba Chews Caramel Taffy Hybrid 

If you’re looking for a balanced blend of indica and sativa effects, these creamy caramel chews provide the best of both worlds. They truly provide an “anytime, anywhere” experience that you can rely on day or night. 


Visit us at Oasis for these awesome products and many more. Our expert budtenders are always happy to help pick the right products and strains for you. Visit us at our two Denver locations. Pre-order online and pick-up in-store. Oasis houses the largest collection of indica, satvia, and hybrid products in Denver.  

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