Halloween Cannabis Edibles

How To Make The Best Halloween Cannabis Edibles

October 15, 2018

In Denver, nothing makes for a better Halloween than delicious Halloween cannabis edibles. When it comes to haunted edibles, we’ve got the perfect candy recipe for you. This recipe requires a good canna oil so we’ve outlined how to make that first. If you already know how to make great canna oil, you can skip ahead.

The Best Canna Oil


  • 1 cup ground cannabis flower
  • 1 cup cooking oil of your choice
  • Coconut and olive oil are most commonly used. Coconut oil has a milder taste and can, therefore, be used for many dishes and olive oil is a cooking staple for many kitchens.



  • Strainer or cheesecloth
  • Grinder (a simple hand grinder works best)
  • Double-boiler, slow cooker, saucepan, etc.



Grind the cannabis. You can include the entire plant, just the flower, or a little bit of both. It’s all about your preference. Note: anything small enough to fit through the strainer will end up in your finished product.

Combine oil and cannabis in double-boiler or slow cooker, and heat on low or warm for a few hours.

You can cook this oil a few different ways: in a slow cooker for 4-6 hours on low, stirring occasionally; in a double-boiler for 6-8 hours also on low, stirring occasionally; or on low heat in a saucepan for three hours, stirring frequently to prevent scorching. Important: no matter what, the temperature of the oil should not exceed 245°F. Remember, you can always add a bit of water to prevent over-heating.

Strain and store the oil. All remaining plant material can be discarded or used in other dishes. The oil’s shelf life is about two months but can be extended if you refrigerate.

Now, for the good stuff.


Halloween Cannabis Candies


  • Light corn syrup, ¾ cup
  • Cup of water
  • Powdered sugar, 1/8 cup
  • 2 cups of sugar
  • Canna oil
  • Teaspoon of peppermint flavoring
  • Food coloring, 2 drops



  • Saucepan
  • thermometer
  • pan, greased with cannabutter
  • Candy molds
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Baking dish



Have everything you need ready because you’ll have to move quickly to make the candy.

Mix water, corn syrup, and sugar in your saucepan and cook on high until dissolved.

Then, lower heat to medium and cook for 15 mins until the mixture reaches 300 degrees. Use a thermometer to monitor the temperature.

Remove from heat and add drops of food coloring, canna oil, and peppermint flavoring.

Pour your liquid into molds or a pan and let cool.

If you used a half-ounce of weed in your oil, you should have between 14 and 28 pieces the size of jolly ranchers.

Toss the pieces into the pan buttered with cannabutter or oil and get them nice and greasy. Next, take a baking dish and cover it in powdered sugar.

Add the greasy candy pieces and roll in powdered sugar. Next, insert the lollipop sticks and let your candy harden.

Now you have weed lollipops with the appropriate doses. Each lollipop is about the equivalent of one bowl of weed.


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