Holistic Health: Marijuana and Yoga

June 1, 2017

Why Should You Try Marijuana and Yoga

Cannabis is known to help improve your holistic health by giving you a better mind-body connection. Among many benefits, we know that cannabis can help improve your physical health, but it can also have a strong impact on your emotional health. For some, consuming cannabis can leave you with a feeling on a whole other level. This high can even be compared to a spiritual experience much like you might experience with meditation or yoga. Cultivating awareness and a higher level of consciousness can be achieved using either marijuana or yoga, but what happens when you combine them?

While pairing marijuana and yoga together is likely an ancient practice and isn’t really breaking news, the two are becoming a born-again craze. Even here in Denver, classes are offered that combine the two to help improve both your physical and emotional health. Learning how to incorporate marijuana into your yoga practice or yoga into your marijuana practice can help you reach your wellness goals. For the cannabis lover, classes such as these could be yet another channel to further incorporate marijuana into your wellness lifestyle. For the yoga lover, this could be a game changer opening up your world like never before.

Clearing your mind before beginning your yoga session can provide you with a heightened connection to your body, breathe and your practice. Start the process of silencing your thoughts and worries with a few tokes before you begin your practice. Imagine not having to consciously make an effort to let go of your daily stress at the beginning of your yoga practice, yielding you a superior connection to body and mind. Quieting the mind beforehand will give you the ability to focus your efforts on connecting with your body and allow for a deeper experience.

Since increasing self-awareness for ultimate wellness is what yoga is all about, why wouldn’t you take steps to provide a more profound encounter? If you are already a marijuana user for your own wellness efforts, then it makes a ton of sense to begin coupling a good strain with yoga practice. And if you are already practicing yoga for your wellness, then sprinkling in some cannabis can provide a significantly improved wellness experience.


Our Yoga Strain Recommendation

While both yoga and marijuana provide different experiences for each individual, you know you are now curious about what impact both will have on you. If you do choose to try a little enlightened yoga, we recommend toking on a mellow hybrid strains like Girl Scout Cookies or Flo. Both of these strains will relax your muscles but keep you aware of yourself. One of the benefits of Girl Scout Cookies in particular is that unlike other strains, it will not give you the usual bodily side effects of cannabis such as red eye or dry mouth allowing you to solely focused on your breathing.

So what happens when you practice green yoga? If you don’t know, maybe it’s time you experienced it for yourself.

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