Fun with Denver Cannabis Products for Fall

September 15, 2021

Fall is just about here and there‘s no better time to get out and get active with new Denver cannabis products for fall. 

One of the benefits of living in Colorado is access to pristine open space and fun outdoor activities. Fall is an especially good time to take advantage of both. Temperatures cool, the air is crisp, and skies are bright blue. Add cannabis to the mix and you’re on your way to a bunch of fall fun in Denver and beyond. 

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To mark the arrival of Fall 2021, we’ve made a list of our favorite fall-time activities, perfect for pairing with microdoses of cannabis. And don’t worry if you’re city-bound. You can do some version of these activities from pretty much anywhere. Remember, always consume responsibly. 


Denver Cannabis Products for Fall PLUS Activities

Enjoy Lunch in the Park (or From Your Favorite Cafe) 

It’s always fun to enjoy a meal outdoors, in the city or country. Enjoy any (there are so many) Denver eatery with outdoor seating this fall. Headed for the great outdoors? Plan a day trip that includes a lovely lunch. The main course? Cannabis of course! Not really, but cannabis may be a lovely accompaniment. Try OG Kush available at Oasis in Natty Rems High Terpene Cartridges. In full doses, this appetite-stimulating strain delivers an impactful high before lulling users to sleep. That’s why we suggest small, shallow, puffs. Enjoy pleasant flavors of citrus, pine, and fruit. 


Take a Hike (or Cruise Around Town) 

Colorado is home to nearly 5,000 hiking trails – it’s almost impossible to walk them all. For an energized trek through the wilderness, we suggest Minty Mint Speed Strips by Escape Artists. Formulated for fast onset and a mild, yet energetic high, you’ll feel the effects of this edible in about 10 minutes. Made with THC distillate, Minty Mint Strips are discrete, rejuvenating, and effective. Looking for trail recommendations? We love Lion Gulch Trail near Estes Park. It’s an easy drive from Denver and the hike features a rolling river, trek through tree cover, and a walk through a large open meadow with remnants of homesteader cabins. Want to stay closer to home? Explore a new neighborhood. Pop into unfamiliar shops or dine at a new café. 


Take Advantage of Colorado’s Rail System (or Watch a Nature Flick) 

Enjoy the fall foliage (it peaks quite early across much of Colorado) with a scenic train ride. Take in picturesque mountain views while caroming across Colorado’s landscape. Get to know new locals, some of which can only be reached by train. We love pairing scenic train rides with strains like Northern Lights, an enlightening and mood-elevating indica. This light and balanced flower promotes clear-headedness, perfect for mindful meditation and contemplation. Cartridges available from AiroPro and Eureka. A fun alternative to a scenic Colorado train ride is a brilliant nature documentary. Life in Color narrated by David Attenborough is our top pick. 


Soak in a Hot Spring (or Bath) 

In Colorado, you’ll find a number of natural soaking springs perfect for alleviating stress, anxiety, and sore muscles. Few things are more relaxing than bathing in warm spring water, plus there are proven health benefits to the practice. For a Colorado cannabis pairing, try indica Cherry Limeade Gummies by Nokhu Labs. These gummies are especially effective for relieving stress. As with all traditional edibles, onset time is about 45 minutes. However, precisely measured doses promote easy and safe consumption. No hot spring? No problem. Soak in a relaxing bath or hot tub at home.  


There’s no limit to the things you can do with Denver cannabis products for fall this year. 


Remember, always use cannabis responsibly in safe environments. Shop Oasis Cannabis Superstore this fall for all your cannabis needs. We still have the best selections of medical and recreational cannabis in Denver.  

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