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Dialed in Gummies in Denver

October 15, 2021

NEW this month: Dialed in Gummies in Denver. After long last, Dialed in Gummies are here and we’re so excited. Plus, a little about Leiffa – an outstanding Lakewood-base cannabis company – specializing in premium flower and solventless hash.  


Dialed in Gummies at Oasis Superstore

Get Dialed in Gummers in Denver at either Oasis Superstore location for $25 for 100mg. Dialed in Gummies boast the best ingredients, including entirely solventless hash-rosin.

Shop Oasis Cannabis Superstore online, pick up in-store. 


More about Dialed in Gummies in Denver: 

We love Dialed in Gummies for their commitment to producing excellent, potent, cannabis products. Their sous-vide cooking process allows the retention of high amounts of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids that are otherwise lost to evaporation. All gummies are prepared in small batches, further guaranteeing the highest quality gummies and experience. 

At Oasis you’ll find: 

  • Envy 100mg
  • Chemmy Jones 100mg
  • Mochi Cake 100mg
  • More…


Leiffa at Oasis Superstore

All month long we’re offering a promotion (15% off) on Leiffa flower. We’ve never offered a promotion like this before. 


More about Leiffa:  

Leiffa is a Lakewood-based company, specializing in premium flower and solventless hash. They take a natural and holistic approach, using plants with incredible genetics as their foundation. Throughout the entire process, trichome production and preservation is paramount in importance.  

Strains we like: 

  • Papaya Cake 
  • Tropic Moon 
  • White Cindy 99 
  • Grape Inferno 


Leiffa’s solventless hash (which is not on sale this month) remains on the cutting edge due to hours of research and development. From seed to solventless sale, Leiffa goes above and beyond to bring users the highest quality concentrate possible. 


And just to recap, awesome October cannabis specials are in full swing at Oasis. Don’t miss these deals and upcoming special Halloween events. 


Oasis Denver Halloween Cannabis Sale | October 30, 2021  

October Denver cannabis deals are here and that means a special seasonal celebration on Halloween eve, 2021. This year, Take 15% off your entire purchase. Our storewide sales are always a great opportunity to stock up on the products and brands you love the most. Enjoy this special holiday promotion for Halloween, trick or treat. 

Join us at Oasis this month for the best Denver cannabis gummies from Dialed in, flower from Leiffa, concentrates, topicals, and more. At Oasis, we take pride in bringing our customers the best products from new and favorite suppliers in Colorado, plus the best deals and promos too.  

For more details about any of the products included in this post, ask our friendly and knowledgeable Oasis budtenders. They’re always happy to answer any questions our customers have.  


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