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Daily Denver Cannabis Deals May 2021

May 15, 2021

Did you know that in addition to our Oasis Weekly Partner Specials, we also offer daily deals on products from a ton of awesome cannabis providers like Nokhu, HRVST, Made in Xiaolin, and more? It’s true. At Oasis Cannabis, every day is a great day to save on your favorite marijuana products in Denver. Here’s what’s on deck for the next 10 days – there’s a lot to look forward to 


May 15, 2021 

  • 10% off all Viola Products  
  • 25% off all Iovia Products  
  • 30% off all Eureka Products (Including Eureka Cure Joints) 
  • 50% off all Robhots Products 


May 16, 2021 

  • 40% of all 1906 New Highs Products  
  • 50% off all 5-10mg Keef Cola and Ceria Drinks (no 100mg) & 25% off Keef Pax Pods  
  • 25% off all Products by The Lab  
  • 10% off all Made in Xiaolin Products (Including Soldatos) 
  • 25% off all Nokhu Labs Products (including gummies)  
  • 10% off all O.Pen Vape Products 


May 17, 2021 

  • 20% off all Mary’s Medicinals Products  
  • 25% off all Dixie Products  


May 18, 2021 

  • 25% off all Cheeba Chews Products  


May 19, 2021 

  • 30% off all Wyld Products (Including Elderberry CBN) 
  • 10% off all HRVST Labs Wax and Shatter 


May 20, 2021 

  • 25% off all TasteBudz Products 
  • 25% off all Airo Pro Products 


May 21, 2021 

  • 25% off all Incredibles, Clear Creek Extracts Nove and Quiq Products 


May 22, 2021 

  • 25% off all Canyon Cultivation Products 
  • 25% off all Kavair and Star Bars Products  
  • off of Escape Artists Products (excluding Live Resin Infused Joint) 
  • 25% off all Batch 1-gram Cartridges 


May 23, 2021 

  • 40% off all 1906 New Highs Products 
  • 50% off all 5-10mg Keef Cola and Ceria Drinks (no 100mg) & 25% off of Keef Pax Pods 
  • 25% off of all Leiffa Products (including chocolate bars) 


May 24, 2021 

  • 20% off all Mary’s Medicinals Products 
  • 25% off all Dixie Products 


May 25, 2021 

  • 25% off all Cheeba Chews Products 


Vendors Nokhu, HRVST, and Made in Xiaolin  


Nokhu Labs makes premium solventless extracts using expertly cultivated Cannabis. Their solventless extraction process uses only heat and pressure to create pure concentrates, offering a clean, potent, and accurate representation of the flower it came from. 



HRVST Labs offers outstanding medical and recreational concentrates from the highest quality cannabis. Their products are clean and terpene-dense, making them a favorite of even the most decerning users. 


Made in Xiaolin 

Each Xiaolin cannagar is hand-crafted by thoroughly trained artisans to offer the perfect smoking experience, every time. Made with exceptionally cultivated cannabis, Madin Xiaolin cannagars are great for sharing or enjoying solo.


At Oasis, we love to bring you the best deals on cannabis products in Denver, from flower and vape pens/cartridges to edibles and concentrates, we offer the largest selection of medical and recreational marijuana in the city. As you can see, we offer deals and promos nearly every day, plus weekly partner specials, and holiday events as well. Swing by soon! 


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