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Decision 2016: Indica vs. Sativa

November 1, 2016

Decision 2016: Indica vs. Sativa

It’s time to get out there and vote. But what if we were casting votes for something a little more enjoyable instead of amendments, propositions and oh yeah, our next president? While of course voting is our civic duty, it can sometimes leave us feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. Well not today! At Oasis Cannabis Superstore, we want to know who would win a different race; indica vs. sativa. Each with their own characteristics, the high from an indica is different from the sativa high. So the question of the day is which one wins your vote: indica vs. sativa?

Indica for President

Feeling some stress this election season? Then maybe indicas are your bud. Known for its sedative effects, indicas tend to be relaxing, sleep inducing, and a stress and pain reliever. Indicas can help with nausea too.  Because of some of these more body-oriented characteristics, indicas can sometimes be better suited for consumption in the evenings as a way to wind down from a busy day. Become ache-free and soothed as you let go of the stress of the day behind you.

Sativa for President

Sativas are a stimulant. Excellent for helping people focus, sativas can be energizing, even inspirational. The high from sativa strains can be great for daytime use allowing you to connect with your mind. Tap into your artistic side. Focus more on what is important to you throughout your day. Be more present in each moment. The sedative effect is much less with sativas than indicas. The sativa species provides a high that is more mind focused vs. the body oriented effects that indicas provide.

But wait, there is more.

But wait, there is a third highly qualified candidate in this campaign: hybrids. Maybe voting for only an indica or only a sativa just doesn’t quite feel right to you. Maybe both seem really great to you. So how do you decide between indicas and sativas? A hybrid may be the answer. Perhaps your winning candidate, a hybrid can give you the best of both sativa and indica worlds. Stress-relieving and energizing at the same time. Or a sedate high that doesn’t put you to sleep. With all that indicas and sativas have to offer, maybe choosing between them is just too difficult. As you deliberate and come to a decision, weigh in on your winning candidate in the comments below. Who has your vote in the indica vs. sativa campaign? Relax. It’s all here.

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