Denver December Cannabis Deals

Denver December Cannabis Deals

December 1, 2023

Denver December Cannabis Deals 2023 plus NEW holiday specials at Oasis Cannabis Superstore. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s time for outstanding holiday deals on your favorite cannabis products, plus month-long discounts, holiday specials, and more.   

Shop Denver cannabis deals December 2023. 


Oasis Holiday Cannabis Sale in Denver 

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…a whole lot of cannabis. This year, enjoy special offers from the Denver cannabis brands you love like Batch, Leiffa, Harmony, and more. Each day, December 17 through December 24, spend $100 or more and choose one product (either a concentrate, edible, or flower) from the specials offered that day, for just $.10. Dates and details are as follows: 


Oasis Partner Denver December Cannabis Deals 2023  

Month Long Promos 

  • 20% off all Bloom County Flower Products (joints included) 
  • 30% off all Kaviar Products (moonrocks, joints, gold and 3pk all included) (no muncheez included) 
  • 50% off all Mary’s Medicinals Products (Mary’s products only. No Dixie included) 
  • 40% off all Mirage Products 
  • 50% off all Airo Sport Devices (sport devices only) 
  • 25% off all Seed and Smith Dabbable Products (wax and live resin only. No carts or flower included) 
  • 30% off all Fuehl Products 


December 3 through 9 

  • 20% off all Natty Rems Flower and Joint Products (including infused joints) 
  • 33% off all Cheeba Chews Products 
  • 50% off all 100mg Keef Cola Drinks (100mg products only) 
  • 25% off all Olio Dabbable Products (no cartridges included) 
  • 30% off all Eureka and Plug Play Products (includes joints and both devices) 


December 10 through 16 

  • 25% off of all Seed and Smith Flower and Joint Products (no concentrates included) 
  • 25% off of all Dadirri Products 
  • 25% off all Wana Products 
  • 25% off all Leiffa Dabbable Products (dabs only. No cartridges or flower included) 
  • 30% off all Nomad / CSC  
  • 25% off all Pax 1g Rosin and Distillate Pods 


December 17 through 23 

  • 20% off all Leiffa Flower and Joint Products (no concentrate included) 
  • 25% off all Dos’d Products 
  • 25% off all Sweet Mary Jane’s Products 
  • 25% off all Harmony Extracts and 1856 Products (now includes all products 
  • 25% off all Egozi Products 
  • 20% off all Sano Gardens 1g Orchard Disposables (1g Orchard Disposables only 


December 24 through 30 

  • 20% off all Indico Flower Products (including joints and 3pks) 
  • 25% off all Fresh Joints Products  
  • 40% off all 1906 Products 
  • 20% off all Soiku Bano Grammed Products (grammed product only. no cartridges) 
  • 25% off all Natty Rems Concentrate Products (no joints or flower) 
  • 35% off of all Spherex Products (excluding X-vapes) (rosin, 1g, pax all included) 


December 31 through January 6 

  • 20% off all Antero Sciences Flower
  • 25% off all Tastebudz Edibles (edibles only. no cartridges included)
  • 25% off all Single Source Concentrates (concentrates only)
  • 25% off all Sano Gardens Dabable Grams (dabs only. no carts or AIO)
  • 25% off all Green Dot Labs Cartridges (cartridges only. All cartridges included)


Oasis Cannabis is proud to offer the best selection of recreational and medical marijuana in Denver. We house hundreds of unique marijuana strains, 180 different pre-rolled joints, lots of edibles, concentrates, and a huge selection of accessories and custom glass. We partner with the best local craft and premium craft growers which means our cannabis products are always pure and fresh. This holiday season, we’ve truly got something for everyone.  

Shop at our two superstores in Denver. Denver South Superstore at Evans and Monaco stocks both recreational and medical cannabis products, while our Denver Northwest Superstore at Sheridan and 44th sells recreational products only. Questions? Our budtenders are always happy to help.  


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