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Customers LOVE Oasis Cannabis Superstore!

October 1, 2019

At Oasis, we’re proud to offer excellent products and services to all our customers. With the largest selection of flower, edibles, topicals, and concentrates – plus over 180 varieties of pre-rolled joints, we’ve got something for everyone. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what recent customers have been saying about their visits.


PUREVIBEvape calls Oasis a Cannabis Emporium.

Superstore? This place is a Cannabis EMPORIUM! I am super impressed with everything about my experience at Oasis. Brad, Bryan, and the entire Oasis Cannabis Superstore crew have gone out of their way to be kind & helpful each and every time I’ve visited this amazing store! This shop has its really cool daily VIBE on point! As you enter the shop it just continues to unfold with their super impressive variety of all things Cannabis. The deals and specials here are like none other; you’ll want to check this superstore out TODAY! PUREVIBE is a super huge fan of Oasis Cannabis Superstore!


Jeffersonkc says, “this place is a mecca”.

This place is the mecca. They really do have that big of a selection. It was overwhelming for a connoisseur like myself. I could have spent an hour in there smelling jars. My budtender Steve Buscemi saved me from that. He directed me to exactly what I was looking for per my description. My only regret is not getting more Lemon Skunk than I did. Dense properly grown/cured flowers. Steve turned us on to Airopro pens and I sure am glad he did.


IrishDeadHead enjoyed his first visit to a dispensary.

My first time in a dispensary, I can’t wait to go back. We’re waiting for Friday so Samuel is working again, he was helpful and took his time to explain and not make us feel like a burden. Samuel’s customer service was amazing!


Chicanator says Oasis is a favorite store!

This place is quickly becoming one of my favorite dispensaries!! Every time I go in I feel so incredibly welcomed and not like I’m bugging them with picky preference in what I smoke. They do an amazing job of guiding you to exactly what you are looking for! Love these guys!


Kckujo, “definitely plans on coming back”.

We’ve been twice now, and each time I bring new people. We like the atmosphere and that they blow their glass in-house. They have some beautiful pieces. Hope helped us both times, and she is very knowledgeable and helpful in answering our questions and giving more information about different strands. We definitely plan on going back, and we hope to see Hope again as she has so much knowledge and is helping us branch out to gauge what we like and don’t like.


Csmith0383 likes our variety of flower, wax, shatter, and more.

I went there last night and I love going to this place to get some Mary Jane. It’s not too far from where I live. They have a great selection to choose from and have some great deals…I would recommend this place to anyone who wants a variety of flower, wax, shatter, and more.

Visit us at Oasis for all your cannabis needs. Questions? Our knowledgable budtenders are always happy to help.

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