Celebrate 4/20 in Colorado with Oasis!

March 1, 2020

Celebrate 4/20 in Colorado with Oasis!

April 1st Coronavirus Update: Both Oasis Superstore Denver dispensary locations are open. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus situation we have had to postpone our 420 Gift Bag Promotion. We will be announcing a new date ASAP. We appreciate your understanding during these unusual times. 


Each year, we work hard to bring our customers great 4/20 deals. 2020 is no different. This 4/20 the first 200 customers to spend over $100 at either Oasis Denver dispensary will receive a voucher for a collection of items for just 10 cents each! *Gift bags redeemable beginning 4/27. That’s right! Don’t miss this AMAZING deal. Items include products and accessories from your favorite cannabis suppliers including…

  • 1906 New Highs
  • Canyon
  • Dixie
  • Escape Artists
  • Eureka
  • Incredibles
  • Keef Cola
  • Oasis
  • Med Pharm
  • Oasis
  • Creager Mercantile
  • Ripple
  • And more…


What’s 4/20 and where did the term come from?

420, 4:20, or 4/20 is a slang term that refers to the consumption of cannabis on or around the time 4:20 pm. It also refers to cannabis-oriented celebrations that take place on April 20.

According to the History Channel, the term 4/20 can be traced back to a group of five teens called “the Waldos.”

The group was given a sort of treasure map by a Coast Guard member who could no longer tend to his crop. They agreed to meet a least once a week – at 4:20 pm – to look for the abandoned herb. A member of the Waldos, Steve Capper, told the Huffington Post, “We would remind each other in the hallways we were supposed to meet up at 4:20.” And thus, the term 420 was coined, which allowed students to discuss smoking pot without parents or teachers knowing.


How did 4/20 get spread internationally?

The Grateful Dead. It just so happens that the Waldos has connections to the Dead through their parents via business management and real estate. Capper told the Huffington Post, “There was a place called Winterland, and we’d always be backstage running around or on stage and, of course, we’re using those phrases. When somebody passes a joint or something, ‘Hey, 420.’ So, it started spreading through that community.”

Once “High Times” got a hold of the story in the 1990s, the magazine helped launch the word globally. Today, the unofficial holiday is celebrated worldwide.


Shop 4/20 in Colorado at Oasis

At Oasis, we stock the best selection of recreational and medical marijuana in Denver, perfect for any and all 4/20 celebrations. From 200 unique marijuana strains to 180 different pre-rolled joints, plus an array of smoking accessories and custom glass, we really are a marijuana superstore. We also work with the best local craft and premium craft growers, so our products are always pure and fresh.

Our Denver South Superstore is located at Evans and Monaco and sells recreational and medical cannabis products, while our Denver Northwest Superstore is located at Sheridan and 44th and sells only recreational items. Questions? Our expert budtenders are always happy to help. Looking for something new? Ask a budtender or (with your purchase of $100 or more) dive into our awesome 4/20 gift bag and discover new favorites.

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