CBD for Canine Ailments Studied at CSU

August 1, 2017

While marijuana products for pets have been available for some time now, there hasn’t been much scientific research done to prove their safety and effectiveness for our beloved pets. Of course we all want what is best for our animals and if we can help them live a better life, then we will do it. Watching our animals suffer from ailments such as chronic pain from arthritis or hip dysplasia is a form of torture for many pet owners. So naturally, many Colorado pet owners are looking to medical marijuana to help our pets. Now veterinarians at CSU are on the same quest to help our pets.

In a first of its kind study at CSU, vets are trying to answer the question of how medical marijuana impacts our pets. Last year, researchers at Colorado State University looked into the safety, toxicity and pharmacokinetic study of CBD in healthy dogs and were able to determine that the presence of CBD in a dog’s bloodstream was safe enough to conduct further research.

Fast forward to today, enrollment to clinical trials treating symptoms of osteoarthritis and epilepsy in dogs began last November with the intention to determine if CBD could be an effective option for treatment in dogs who suffer from these conditions.

For the veterinarians conducting the trials, the stakes are high. They know all too well that dogs suffering from epilepsy who don’t see improvement from traditional drugs may need to be euthanized. The same goes for our furry friends who have unmanageable pain from their condition. When considering quality of life, these trials could mean the difference of life and death for some of their participants.

While the trial offers new hope for some of these animals and animals across the world, the study will be strictly scientific based for legitimate results. We can’t wait to hear what their findings are. In the meantime, we know that our personal experiences and anecdotal evidence can help keep our pets in tip top shape. You can read the details about the clinical trials published by The Cannabist here.  

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