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Valentine’s Day Cannabis Specials in Denver

February 12, 2021

Valentine’s Day cannabis specials in Denver!

Oasis Cannabis Superstore is excited to announce a number of special Valentine’s Day deals plus, week-long discounts on your favorite products by TazteBudz and Harmony Extracts.

This Valentine’s Day ONLY at Oasis Superstore, take:

  • 40% off 1906 products
  • 50% off Keef Cola products
  • 10% off Made in Xiaolin products
  • 25% off Mountain Select Concentrates products

Plus, enjoy outstanding specials on TasteBudz and Harmony Extracts products through February 20, 2021. Harmony and TasteBudz craft exceptional concentrates and gummies, perfect for all occasions.

February 14 through February 20: shop TasteBudz and Harmony Extracts in-store and online.

  • 25% off all TasteBudz Product
  • 10% off all Harmony Extracts Products
February 21 through February 27 
  • 25% off all Binske Edibles
  • 10% off all O.Pen Vape Products
February 28 through March 6 
  • 25% off all Lucky and Altus Products
  • 10% off all Dablogic Products

More About TasteBudz and Harmony Extracts

Founded in 2017 by partners Brooks and Eli who were in search of the ‘perfect’ gummy, TasteBudz offers delectable cannabis-laced treats that are chewy, delicious, and have ZERO heavy aftertaste.

Armed with the best ingredients, including pure – never purged or filtered – CO2 oil, TasteBudz crafts their gummies from scratch, in small batches, to ensure the quality and homogeneity of cannabis infusion, each time. With their proprietary single origin oils and specific/isolated cannabinoids, these gummies are the HIGHEST quality.

Currently, TasteBudz offers four flavored gummy options, each Indica/Sativa specific (to ensure the desired effect). Each 100mg bottle is filled with 10mg gummies that are ready to go. Whether you’re looking to chill out or perk up, there’s options for all!

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Kiwi Strawberry
  • Tropical Punch
  • Watermelon Blast

Harmony Extracts
Since its inception, Harmony Extracts has maintained one goal: to create cannabis concentrates of the highest quality and potency – the best nature will allow. Their team has more than 100 years of combined experience in cannabis development. They use state-of-the-art medical grade equipment, along with a proprietary solvent blend, to transform plants into high-end BHO products.

“Harmony Live Nectar”, Harmony’s signature product, is derived through a process of crystallization that separates two isolates, HCFSE and HTFSE (High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract and High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract). When combined, the result is a ‘nectar’ with the potency of a distillate and the flavor of a live extract. It’s the best of both worlds. Mix and match different strains to achieve your ideal combination.

Favorite Harmony Products Include:

  • Shatter
  • Waxes and Badders
  • Sugar

Shop Oasis Cannabis Superstore, in-person or online, for the largest selection of medical and recreational marijuana in Denver. Flower, edibles, concentrates, and topicals, we’ve got it all plus a huge selection of glass and shatter. Our friendly staff is always happy to answer questions or make recommendations. Visit us at one of two Denver locations, Denver South or Denver North.

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