February’s Top Cannabis News Stories

February 15, 2019

It’s an exciting time to be ‘in’ cannabis. Nation-wide, the industry is growing. So, it’s no surprise news outlets are talking about marijuana, its different applications, and how the cannabis industry may change over the next few years. What are the latest trends? What’s new in Denver? What about the rest of the country and the world? Here are some top trending stories you need to see this week.

Pot Earnings, U.S. Bank Hearing to Set Tone: Cannabis Weekly

Canada’s two biggest cannabis companies report earnings this week, giving us the first glimpse — however murky — of what recreational sales look like.

Oregon Lawmakers Consider Bill That Would Pave Way for Exporting Cannabis to Other States

In support of Senate Bill 582, Portland backs move to ease Oregon’s surplus of cannabis. Lawmakers consider exporting to other states.

These three medical cannabis companies are growing larger across the globe

Holigen, based in Portugal, is hoping to build the largest cultivation facility in the world. Housing 500,000 kilograms of cannabis per yet it would be located in the Alentejo region.

‘Yogi-D’ brings cannabis-powered yoga retreat to Bragg Creek acreage

Coming to Alberta’s Rockies, Darrin Zeer brings a cannabis-powered yoga retreat inspired by a wander through the Himalayas in the 1980d.

Denver Program Helps People Expunge Old Cannabis Convictions

Anew program helps people expunge prior low-level cannabis possession and paraphernalia offenses in the city of Denver, Colorado.

Denver’s new job opening: Cannabis process navigator

Denver is looking for individuals to help the cannabis industry comply with city requirements.

Cannabis Church, City Attorneys Dig in for Trial Over Misdemeanors

In January, Steve Berke, co-founder of the International Church of Cannabis, went on trial in Denver County Court. Berke and church co-founders Briley Hale and Lee Molloy are charged with throwing a public party at which those inside smoked marijuana for a 4/20 celebration. Colorado state law bans “open and public” consumption.

The Next Major Craft Brewery Acquirer? It’s a Cannabis Company

Cannabiniers, the company behind the Two Roots line of CBD and THC-infused non-alcoholic craft beers, is on the verge of becoming the next major craft brewery acquirer.

Cannabis jobs pay 11% more than the US median salary, and demand is up 76%

As more states legalize, the cannabis industry has gotten a burst of confidence in its long-term prospects and is rapidly expanding.

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