Can Marijuana Lead to Better Sex?

April 1, 2016

Can Marijuana Lead to Better Sex?

We all know there are TONS of reasons to love marijuana. But is one of those reasons love itself?  Marijuana makes us feel better, healthier, and happier (and the list goes on…) but can it help us have better sex too? Yes, yes, yes…oooh yes! Here are four reasons how marijuana can make sex better:

  1. Tension Taming

Marijuana helps relieve anxiety, which the few moments before sex can be full of anxiety (Awkward)! Enjoy some marijuana before stripping down and leave that naked time anxiety on the floor with your clothes. A relaxed, sexual tension-free experience can’t compare to one plagued with worries and wandering thoughts.

  1. Stamina

Some say that marijuana can help you last longer. Go team! Studies suggest greater stamina can be achieved all around (not just in bed) when consuming marijuana and that’s a good thing. Even better when you sexual stamina is increased as well. The benefits are clearly two-fold (you and your partner benefit of course).

  1. The BIG O

Do we really need to say anything more? The BIG O is what it is all about, so we’re happy to hear that some people report marijuana helps them achieve an orgasm. If you are someone who finds it difficult to have an orgasm (this is as many as 30% of women), then it might be time to take a few hits before you partake in sexual activity. Maybe then, your orgasm will not only be within reach, but will rock your world.

  1. Intensity

So now that you’ve smoked some marijuana before sex, how was your orgasm? Was there a difference in intensity? Was it more WOW than usual? Mind-blown, earth-moved intensity? Marijuana can have that affect too.

So there you have it. In case you need more reasons to enjoy marijuana (or sex), we just gave you four more. You’re welcome!


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