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5 Tips Every Marijuana Smoker Should Know

March 15, 2019

Sometimes, as a pot smoker, you need to get a little creative. We’ve all been there. Maybe you have to be extra discrete? Or, maybe your bowl broke and you’ve run out of rolling papers. Not to worry! We’ve got solutions. Here are a few marijuana tips every smoker should know. 


Air fresheners work in emergencies 

If you’re away from home, and in desperate need to disguise the scent of marijuana, try bathroom air freshener. Of course, don’t recommend going overboard. But spraying a little on your clothing really works to cover the smell. Remember, a little goes a long way. And try to avoid spraying it on your skin.  


Matches may be just what you need 

Lighting matches is an old trick to cover strong smells. If your space stinks of weedlight a match and the stench should clear up. It may take more than a few to do the job, but it will workPlus, you probably have some matches lying around your place already. Bonus! 


Reuse, Reduce, Recycle 

Bet you didn’t know you already have the materials to make marijuana smoking devices laying around your house! Aluminum foil, water bottles and milk jugs? If you’ve got these items you can McIver yourself a decent pipe. Use aluminum foil to make a pipe or a plastic bottle to fashion a bowl. You can even make a gravity bong with an empty milk carton. Keep these tricks in mind next time you find yourself in a pinch.  


Spoof your heart out

What’s a spoof? It’s a device that helps conceal the smell of marijuana smoke after you take a hit. There are a few ways to make them. One popular method is to stuff an empty bottle or paper towel core (the cardboard piece inside the center of the roll) with dryer sheets. If you use a bottle, you’ll have to poke holes at one end for the smoke to escape. Then use it every time you take a hit – just blow smoke into it. Choose your favorite dryer sheets and your space will smell fresher than ever 


An Apple A day… 

You know the saying…an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Making an apple bowl is one way to do it. Just core the apple (about half way through) then poke a hole in the side so that it meets the part that you’ve cored. This will be the mouth piece. Fill the top with flower and smoke away. 


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