5 Instant Benefits of Medical Marijuana

May 1, 2017

Medical ailments can be a real downer and really get in the way of living a life. Aches and pains, stress, headaches all impact your quality of life. But why suffer when marijuana can provide instant relief? Here are 5 ailments that marijuana can help you deal with as soon as you consume.

This one may be a kind of a big “duh”, but consuming cannabis can help reduce stress levels. According to the National Institutes of Health, relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety is a top reason that people use marijuana. So relax. Kiss your stress goodbye.

2. Headaches
Headaches can be the worst. Tension headaches and migraines can be unrelenting and debilitating. Cannabis can help. A study conducted here in Colorado concluded that migraine sufferers reported a reduced number of migraines. That means fewer days wasted with a pounding headache, vision loss and nausea. And more days actually enjoying life.

3. Nausea
Curbing nausea with marijuana is highly effective and very common for people battling conditions like cancer, HIV, and AIDS. Smoking marijuana will quickly help alleviate and lessen those feelings of nausea so you can back to doing what you love.

4. Body Pain
Wherever you may be experiencing pain, marijuana may be the answer for you. Obviously pain is an issue for millions of people given our nation’s problem of epidemic proportions of opioid addiction. Living with chronic pain is bad enough, why suffer more than necessary?

5. Insomnia
As many as 60 million Americans (probably even more) can’t sleep at night. Marijuana can be quite helpful in achieving a good night sleep. After taking away your stress, and quieting your mind, cannabis can help rock you to gently to sleep…finally. Relax your body with an indica before bed and maybe you will get the Z’s you deserve.

So if you don’t have your medical card yet, maybe it’s time you do yourself a favor and see if medical marijuana can help you.

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